Want to become a Responder?


As the aim is to constantly expand the scheme and to increase the number of members to the scheme, there will potentially always be a need for more funds. Our primary aim is to ensure that each member has a full medical kit. The benefits of having a kit each are as follows:-

  • Much greater flexibility with regards to the times when a member can be on call. Although we work within a rota, quite often members might be able to book on-call unexpectedly, outside of the rota. If they did not have a kit to hand, they could not do this.
  • It is possible that a member could be called by the Ambulance Service, even when not actually booked on call.
  • Having undergone quite detailed training in life support, and having been trained to use the equipment that we carry, it is quite possible that a member could come across a medical emergency during their normal daily business and be able to help.
  • We operate a ‘buddy’ system as much as we can, where 2 members will try to attend a call. This would certainly be very useful in a full resuscitation scenario. By having a kit each, it would take into account that one member is bound to arrive on the scene before the other.

Who can become a Community Responder?

Are there any emergencies to which a Community Responder wouldn’t be asked to go?

Will there be any support after dealing with a serious incident?

How are Community Responders called out?

Will an emergency Ambulance Service always attend?

Will training be provided?

Is any equipment provided?